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Motor Vehicles will have series of Maintenance procedures that must be carried out at a regular time interval or based on travelling distance. The service intervals also depends on the vehicle and its manufacturer. In the recent days, Modern cars display the due date for the future service in their instrument panel. Also, you will be provided with a service book which contains records of your service and will be stamped based on the service completion.

Service will be recommended by the Manufacturers based on the below factors:

must be carried out at a regular time interval or based on
Climatic conditions
Road Way – like mountainous, dusty and iced roads.
Long distance driving or city driving.
Loading vehicle or Luxurious vehicle.
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Regular Services will help you in maintaining the vehicle in perfect condition. Proper maintenance helps in comfortable and safe driving. After complete maintenance checkup, you can drive your vehicle without any fear. Some of the common maintenance tasks carried out for the motor vehicles are:

Changing the Engine Oil
Replacing the Oil Filter, Air Filter, Fuel Filter, Spark Plugins.
Checking the Coolant Oil Level, Power Steering Fluid, Brake/Clutch Fluid.
Checking the Oil Levels and Refilling.
Greasing and lubricating the components.
Checking the Engine Belt.
Checking the Battery and Tire Conditions.
Wheel Alignment Checking.
Checking brake pads and discs.
Washing and cleaning the interiors.
Checking the Lights, Wipers, etc.
Using the Electronic Scanning Kit to find the internal errors.
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One thing that we can’t control from happening is Repair. Sometimes it might happen by own mistakes whilst driving the vehicle, without servicing on time. Proper maintenance will help you to check all the electrical and mechanical items present in the vehicle. Common repairs that happens during the travel are:

Problem with the fuse
Worst, Tire gets punctured.
Very low coolant oil or water may increase the temperature.
Problem in electrical components.
Breakdown of hardware in the vehicle due to improper maintenance or services.
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