Experienced Technicians and Mechanics to repair your vehicles under various sections.

Engine Rebuilds

Routine service and maintenance will help to avoid the Engine Failures. It is a big and costly job to rebuild an engine. We have experts to plan the project in an efficient way. Also we use latest technologies to rebuild your engine to top condition. There may be various reasons behind the engine rebuilds and one of the important outcome expected is to get good performance.


Brake is one of the most sensitive parts of a vehicle. It is very much important to maintain and to check the brakes regularly. Because it is not a possible way to drive a vehicle without brakes. When time goes, the brake shoe will start to chafe, so at every service it is important to check it properly. Periodic services will take care of those things without causing any damage or danger to the driver.

Our experts will make sure everything is proper and also we will check your brakes using our latest technologies to identify whether the braking system is getting operated perfectly.


Suspension is the system of tires, air pressure, shock absorbers, springs and linkages that connects a vehicle to its wheels and allows relative motion between the two. Normally when it comes to automobile performance, people will think about the horsepower, torque and acceleration. But if the driver can’t control the car then all the power generated by the piston will become useless. This turned the concentration of Automobile Engineers towards Suspension and as a result, they mastered the four-stroke internal combustion engine.

Village Auto is having a team of experts who work knowing the functional concepts and importance of the suspension. The job of a car suspension is to maximize the friction between the tires and road surface.


Important parts of your vehicle were Catalytic Converter, muffler and the exhaust system. The catalytic converter will be located in front of muffler in the exhaust engine. When the Hydro carbons or carbon monoxide is the exhaust pass over the catalyst, they will be converted into carbon monoxide and water.

As it is the important part of your vehicle, you want to make sure they are taken care properly. Even when someone is looking to buy an old or new car, then they will look into the exhaust system of the vehicle.

Auto Electrical Works

Source electricity for a vehicle is from the battery. Proper supply of electricity to the car components will help them to work properly for a long time without any internal shortage. Electrical system of a car consists of battery, starter and alternator. Battery provides the initial boost to the starter and the alternator will provide the needed for a battery to start the car.

Experts will make a deep analysis on your car and will decide which may create problems. Drive your car with more confidence after your complete check on Auto Electrical Works.

Gearbox and Transmission

The Transmission box is also called as gearbox. A transmission is a machine which provides the controlled application of power. The gear box which is composed of the gear and gear trains to provide the speed and torque conversions from a rotating power source to other device.

Automatic Transmission Repair

Manual Transmissions are the mechanical gears that depends on the driver to change based on the speed using the clutch and swift when needed. Whereas Automatic Transmission is the self-shifting transmission which changes gear automatically based on the load and speed of a vehicle. It relaxes the driver from changing the gears manually using the gear rod and clutch

Hybrid Repair

Hybrid cars are the fast growing type of automobile among other vehicles. It is looking rare to identify the quality service provider with the experts who can do the best by identifying the original reason for the repair.

Hybrid Repair Services with proper analysis will help you to drive the vehicle without any problems and we will you the safe & enjoyable drive.


Tyres were said to be the base for a vehicle. You must take care of air pressure and tyre condition to have a safe drive. Also another important thing when it comes to tyre is Wheel alignment. Improper wheel alignment will damage the tyre and also it is important to check the air pressure before loading the vehicle. If you are travelling with a full load then you must be aware of tyre pressure and condition.

Proper check and replacement of tyres will give you the comfortable drive without any fear. There are certain travelling limit for each tyre based on the vehicle and after that the customer is recommended to change the tyre to have good grip between the tyre and the ground surface.


Steering is the head of a motor vehicle which is manually controlled by the driver and it is the main work for a driver. Most of the vehicles have hydraulic power steering pump which helps to steer. There are some vehicles which provide electric motor that helps to power the steering. If you are using the power steering then replace the power steering fluid in certain period as recommended