Wheel Alignment:

Wheel Alignment refers to the adjustment of the vehicles suspension which is the one that connects the vehicle to the wheels. Actually it is not an adjustment of the tires or wheels. The main key aspect of the wheel alignments is to adjust the angles of the tires which decides how they make contact with the road. Wheel Balancing should be done frequently whereas wheel alignment can be done once in a often. Check your alignment, If your car is shaking while running on the road, Bad Alignment can also cause vibration as wheels may pull against each other.

Engine Tune-Ups:

Engine Tune-ups includes the following like adjusting the Carburetor, idle speed, air-fuel mixture, etc. It also includes the inspection and replacement of ignition system components like spark plugs, distributor cap, contact breaker points, and distributor rotor as well. Actually, fixing a car that is badly out of tune can give a considerable boost to both performance of the engine and fuel economy as well. Some of the car tune up parts are spark plugs, spark plug wires. distributor cap and a rotor and much more.

Vehicle Diagnostics:

Vehicle Diagnostics is an automotive term referring to the On-board diagnostics (OBD) and reporting capability. Vehicle Diagnostics give the vehicle owner access to the status of the various vehicle subsystems and its performance. Vehicle Diagnostics is done using an automotive scanner tool which is is an electronic tool used to interface with,diagnose and also sometimes to reprogram vehicle control modules as well. Diagnostic tools are the ones which are available to help you diagnose and also solve hardware-related problems.

Injector Cleaning:

You should go for injector cleaning, when your car starts getting lower mileage or when the engine begins to hesitate when you press the accelerator. This fluctuation indicates that your car should undergo fuel injector cleaning. During Service they use the fuel injector cleaning kit and a fuel line disconnect tool to clean them. Some of the symptoms of the bad fuel injector includes starting issues, poor idle, failed emissions, poor performance, increased fuel consumption, rough engine performance,etc. The main advantages if injector cleaning is that it removes the deposits from the injection nozzles, prevents poor combustion and also restores the engine performance as well. Injector cleaning also reduces the engine knocking as well. Periodic injector cleaning will improve the performance of the engines.

Timing Belt Replacement :

In most cases, there are no obvious signs to indicate that timing belt is going to break. This is the reason why the highly rated auto mechanics recommend replacing it every 60,000 miles to 100,000 miles. It is better to check the owners manual for the manufacturer’s recommendations. As in the recent days technology has improved a lot, many would recommend upto 100,00 miles, but to be in safer side you should check what the vehicle’s manufacturer recommends and stay within that mileage.

Spark Plugs:

Spark plug is a device for firing the explosive mixture in an internal combustion engine. It is mandatory to replace the spark plug with a new one when its recommended age is over. Replacing the spark plug with the new one is one of the way to improve the performance of the engine as well. It is better to change the spark plugs for every 30,00o miles. It is recommended to see the manufacturing manual see the recommended period of time to change the spark plugs. However, the actual timing for the replacement of the spark plug will vary depending on the various other factors as well.

Windscreen Wipers:

It is important to clean your windshield every time you fill your gas tank. No need to do any extra works just gently wipe the rubber squeegee with a damp paper or towel to remove any loose dirt or oil in the screen. When you are free use some detergents or screen cleaners to wipe the wind shield, This will help you to maintain the screens free from dirt. Make sure that the rubber in the windshield remains clean and free from the dirt all through the day